Advantages and disadvantages of barf scheme

The BALF diet of Illustration : "Les avantages et inconvénients du régime BARF" and

dogs does not lack commitment. In fact, it has more than one benefit to the health of dogs. It can even be associated with longevity. However, some people criticize this way of eating. Most of these grievances are related to non-compliance with his commandments, which may lead to over nutrition or lack of nutrition. Therefore, let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of dog barf diet.


the particularity of dog barf diet, the advantages and disadvantages of barf diet, what are the “pros” and “cons” of

barf diet? Before deciding whether to use it in dogs or appropriate applications, its advantages and disadvantages must be understood.

barf dog food is special.

barf dog food is mainly composed of raw meat. The purpose of this feeding method is to be as close to wild dogs as possible.


like raw meat and bones, internal organs (liver, kidney, lung…), vegetables and some raw fruits (except some vegetables, such as mung beans and eggplant, which must be cooked). To balance our intake, we added supplements: eggs, beer yeast, dietary supplements, vegetable oil or fish oil.

barf diet benefits

barf Dog Diet has many health benefits. The following are the main benefits. Of course, the premise is to respect the share of each food and preparation precautions:

receives woopets’ suggestions through registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about oral health: especially bones, dogs chew food longer. This helps clean teeth more effectively and helps prevent the formation of tartar. Better digestion: the digestibility of barf food can reduce gastrointestinal diseases. Better breathing: This is the result of the first two points. Reducing digestive problems and improving oral health can help reduce halitosis. Better transport: smaller stool volume and less odor. More attractive food: dogs are naturally attracted to meat. He is happy to accept his rations. What are the disadvantages of

? These concerns are basically related to the following points:


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cost: barf feed is more expensive than ready-made crispy feed. The meat budget is considerable. Inconveniences: preparing a meal according to barf principles requires time and availability. Unlike industrial food, industrial food only needs to open the package and pour the contents into the jar. The ingredients must be weighed, cut, ground vegetables, etc. in addition, meat must be properly preserved. Risk of food imbalance: insufficient and excessive attention. Strict adherence to the share of each food is essential to the health of dogs. Risks associated with bacteria and parasites: since food is raw, impeccable hygiene measures must be taken to prevent poisoning. Bones: these can be dangerous for dogs because they can cause suffocation and even injury in the excavation pipeIf they have sharp parts

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