In China, facial recognition soon applied to dogs to identify bad owners?

Illustration : "En Chine, la reconnaissance faciale bientôt appliquée aux chiens pour identifier les mauvais propriétaires ?" © Megvii

A company specializing in facial recognition and making its software available to the Chinese government, is developing its technology to extend its application to dogs. The goal is to identify bad dog owners.”

As BFM TV reports, the Chinese company Megvii is developing its facial recognition technology in a way that applies it to dogs.”

Its software is now used by the country’s authorities to monitor citizens, exploiting the hundreds of millions of cameras already deployed or being installed in China.”

The solution megvii is working on is based on the recognition of the dog’s muzzle. Indeed, the latter is unique in each canid, in the same way as our fingerprints. The process should be able to recognize a dog in 95% of cases, thanks to an extensive database fed by dozens of photos of each dog’s muzzle.”

The purpose of this project is to identify bad dog owners, in order to punish them if they are guilty of abandonment, non-collection of droppings from their 4-legged companions or walking without a leash.”

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This reminds us, but in a completely different register, this invention of the American engineer Ben Hamm, based on the recognition of the silhouette of his cat and preventing the latter from entering through the cat box when he has prey in his mouth.”

And you, what is your opinion about the facial recognition of dogs to punish owners who fail in their duties?”

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