4 dead dogs discovered by the SPA in a house in the Hautes-Pyrénées

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The SPA and the gendarmerie discovered several corpses of dogs in a property in the Haut-Pyrenees. Their owner, who had moved, simply left them there, locked in transport crates. A complaint has been filed.

The inhabitants of a town in the north of the Hautes-Pyrénées had alerted the Azereix SPA about a dog left alone in an uninhabited house, reports La Nouvelle République des Pyrénées . His master had moved away , abandoning him there .

Last Friday (January 17, 2020), the association sent an investigator to the scene. However, the latter could not find the quadruped. However, she smelled a strong smell of putrefaction . It seemed to come from 2 dog transport crates that were in the garden of the property. Not having the right to access it without authorization, she called the local gendarmerie.

In the presence of the soldiers, she was able to make the sad discovery of 4 dead dogs . One of them was still wearing a collar .

The prosecution has been requested to obtain the green light to inspect the interior of the house , where the SPA fears the presence of other dead animals. A suspicion reinforced by the testimony of the owner’s ex-companion , according to which the latter refused to give him the dogs, but also cats , during their separation.

The association, which lodged a complaint for an act of cruelty , still has to look for the dog in question at the start, since it remains untraceable to this day, still according to La Nouvelle République des Pyrénées .

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