What if you get bitten by a dog?

Illustration : "Comment réagir en cas de morsure de chien ?"

dogs may be bitten for various reasons. It is important to understand them in order to better understand the animals and prevent this reaction, but also to know what the correct reaction is if this happens.


consequences of bite when you go to see a doctor (yourself) what to do in case of bite? Under what circumstances, go to the emergency room immediately? What about biting animals? How to avoid bites?

dog bite is the most common animal bite, just like cats. In fact, in three-quarters of cases, the victim was bitten by a dog.

today I suggest you list all the correct bite behaviors, what you do yourself, and when to consider medical care. Let’s look at how to deal with bitten dogs and, finally, how to avoid dog bites.

consequences of bites according to a study, dogs bite adult arms and legs, children’s head or neck. Therefore, there is no doubt that some bites may cause serious physical consequences.

possible sequelae after bite:

more or less wound bleeding, serious fracture infection, tetanus, rabies scar, physical and psychological sequelae (yourself) If bitten, wash the wound with water, then remove any foreign matter with soap, rinse it, wipe it dry with disinfectant, cover the wound with sterile dressing, take painkiller

if necessary, and then within a few days after being bitten, Wounds should always be cleaned and disinfected, especially monitored to prevent infection.

in addition, bitten people should check whether their tetanus vaccination is up-to-date, if not, You need to see a doctor within 48 hours after the bite. When will

see a doctor?

in many cases, it is best to see a doctor after being bitten:

if bitten on the hand, If the wound is deep, if the wound is infected, if the bitten person has immunosuppression or diabetes, if it is difficult to remove all foreign bodies as mentioned earlier, Tetanus vaccination is not up-to-date. If a person is bitten by a stray dog or unknown (unidentified)

if the dog’s identity is unknown and the rabies vaccination is uncertain, the doctor can refer the patient to the rabies center.

Under what circumstances, go to the emergency room immediately?

sometimes it is not enough to just see a doctor. You must go to the emergency room immediately after a bite. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about whether the bitten person is bitten on the face, neck or genitalia. If the wound contacts the bone, if the bitten person can’t move and can’t deal with the bitten animal, is there massive bleeding?

has three different situations about biting dogs: “if

” is known and his vaccination record is up-to-date, the dog must still stay under health supervision for 15 days and must undergo veterinary examination three times within 24 hours after biting. Then 7 days later, then 15 days after the bite. If it is unknown, wandering around, or even wild, the risk of rabies pollution is higher. RappTherefore, the bitten person is taken directly to an anti rabies center. If a dog dies, it will be checked for rabies virus. In all cases, the bitten person will automatically start rabies vaccination.

in some cases, the behavior of dogs can be evaluated by the reference veterinarian. How can

avoid bites?

since prevention is still the best solution, it is important to follow the tips to avoid dog bites:

tip 1: if the dog shows signs of fear, do not force contact with

tip 2: know how to read and interpret the signals sent by the dog


If the dog

in front of you steps back and wants to escape, lick his nose quickly and turn his head repeatedly to show his teeth (the famous “smile”)

roars / barks in this case, The best way is not to insist, especially not to force contact, and respect all the signals sent by the dog.

tip 3: don’t caress the dog tied to the dog without the permission of the dog owner.

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Tip 4: if dogs fight, don’t try to put your hands on the red level to separate them. The trick is to grab the dog’s hind legs, dive or make very unusual sounds to distract them.

suggestion 5: sleep or disturb the dog in the basket

suggestion 6: never leave the dog and children unattended

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