15 animal photos that show their owners they’ll always be there to make them laugh

Our pets keep making us laugh with their funny demeanor. These photos illustrate the positive vibes they give off.

Dogs and cats don’t ask for much to be happy . You just have to love them, feed them, think about their well-being, and exercise them. As a reward, they will share their happiness with us.

Here are 15 photos of dogs and cats that are in a great mood.

1. The joys of finding one’s master each time he returns are endless

2. It doesn’t show very well, but this Bulldog puppy is ecstatic taking his first steps in the living room.

3. The first signs of affection this puppy gives to its owner

4. Children and dogs have fun imitating each other

5. This Golden Retriever is always up for a photo, a hug or a treat

6. Being offered flowers freshly picked from the garden by your adorable dog is one of the pleasures of life.

7. A lovely litter of puppies, happy after their first visit to the vet

8. He tries to be like the person he loves most in the world by acting like her

9. He considers that he has just taken a dip in the water. He is happy with it, of course

10. This little dog has the same attitude as one of the most famous Hollywood actresses

11. A wink to spread joy

12. It adjusts the position of the camera itself, like a real professional

13. This dog is happy to go for a ride in the car

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14. He did not manage to find his ball, but is proud to show that he still found a potato

15. The joy of this dog can be seen by the speed at which he wags his tail.


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