In the run-up to International Cat Day, Royal Canin unveils the results of its survey on animal welfare in France

Illustration : "A l’approche de la Journée internationale du chat, Royal Canin dévoile les résultats de son enquête sur le bien-être animal en France"

The new Royal Canin / IPSOS survey has just been presented by the specialist in cat and dog food. His figures provide a lot of interesting lessons about the habits of the French with their pets and their perception of animal welfare.”

Taking place on August 8, International Cat Day is an opportunity to celebrate our feline friends and promote respect for their well-being. Animal welfare, precisely, is at the center of the survey carried out by Royal Canin with IPSOS, and whose results the French pet food manufacturer has just unveiled.”

The purpose of this study is both to have an overview of how the different aspects of life with an animal are apprehended by the French, and to raise awareness about responsible cat ownership. It is also an opportunity to recall all that it implies in terms of care, food, expenses…

While almost all (95%) of the respondents say they are sensitive to the notion of animal welfare, 33% are the owners of one or more cats. Among these French feline masters, nearly 7 out of 10 (65%) consider their animals as members of the family.”

” The well-being of the animal goes through the sharing of time with him for more than 6 French out of 10

Regarding the health of the animal, 35% of the French believe that it goes through an adapted diet. Moreover, 65% of them think that the well-being of their 4-legged friend is mainly dependent on feeding him, against 62% who consider that it is rather the sharing of time with him.”

In another register, the Royal Canin / IPSOS survey confirms the impact that periods of confinement and teleworking have had on the habits of the French with their animals. For 65% of them, these measures have made it possible to strengthen their ties with their cats and dogs.”

” Food remains the number 1

expenditure item On the budget side, it is always food that is the main item of expenditure. The average monthly basket has even increased from 25 to 30 euros. 65% of respondents say they buy food for their cat in supermarkets, while one in 5 prefer to stock up on premium food in specialty stores. Finally, 11% of owners say they prepare their pets’ own meals.”

This survey, which is in its 2nd edition, is therefore one of the channels chosen by Royal Canin to address the subject of responsible possession. The Wikichat platform is another, equally interesting, useful and informative with its space dedicated to responsible and free kitten donations, its advice for owners, as well as its e-learning and quiz to obtain a certificate of responsible ownership.”

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