Containment: When neighbors discuss their chats through messages stuck to windows

In this period of confinement, neighbors have found the best possible talking point to break the loneliness: cats. And they do it in a fun way.

More than one specialist has said it since the start of the coronavirus health crisis: this pandemic will change our habits and our relationships with others . Positive changes seem, in any case, to be taking place, especially on the social level, and our pets are no strangers to it. Neighbors who had no contact before become united with each other and begin to communicate during confinement . Take, for example, this beautiful neighborhood story in Leeds , in the North of England, and reported by Bored Panda .

A resident named Sian Cosgrove noticed a cat sitting on the window sill of an apartment across the street.

The response from the neighbor opposite was quick:

This brief but pleasant discussion did not end there. The young woman decided to sue her by writing another message to the address of Walter’s owner: “ Nice name. Walter is a beautiful boy

Sian Cosgrove having relayed this story on Twitter , Walter’s master received many messages of sympathy , which prompted him to create an Instagram account dedicated to his cat. You can discover some photos of the magnificent feline.

The media coverage of this exchange on social networks encouraged other people to do the same. We have seen neighbors talking about their cats through messages affixed to windows in several cities in Great Britain, but also in the United States.

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