19 photos of dogs and their happy owners

Adopting several dogs can be a real source of happiness for the whole family as well as for themselves. These photos give undeniable proof.

While some dogs prefer to be the only darling in the family, others prefer to have mates in the house. This gives rise to family portraits where everyone shines with happiness .

Here are 19 photos of many dogs that smile for life.

1. Road trips are exciting for these Golden Retriever and their mistresses.

2. A Husky and a German Shepherd visibly in heaven when they are in the company of their owner

3. The portrait of a happy family with a smiling Pitbull and another licking his master

4. A walk in nature in the company of all the litter of Dachshunds who become very big and fulfilled

5. This litter of Pugs was born in this house and lived there.

6. A Doberman Pinscher and a German Shepherd who love adventure

7. These Australian Shepherd Crusaders are ready for the journey

8. This couple welcomes as many shelter dogs as possible, which makes them very happy.

9. The wedding photo wouldn’t have been complete without the beloved canine trio

10. 2 children, 2 dogs and a tight-knit couple make a happy family

11. These dogs are well accompanied and enjoy a large space.

12. A large family enjoying a day in the heart of nature

13. Each of these Chow Chows has a smile on their lips

14. These dogs are playful. Their owners do not miss a day to take them to breathe the fresh air by the lake

15. The world’s most photogenic dog gang

16. These 2 Bichon Maltais come out of their grooming session and end their day with a walk in nature

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17. Each season, their owner makes a portrait and a staging with his best friends.

18. A photo in the colors of spring

19. New Year’s Eve is going well


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