7 photos of dogs who became best friends with ducklings

Pikelet’s life / facebook

two friends Pitbulls decided to let two ducklings join their family, and they took pictures of them soon. This is an option.

pikelet and Patty cakes are two matador friends who live in Australia. They live with their family. The two dogs live a happy life with their owners. Until one day, they met two ducklings living in the shelter. They were excited about it. The


dogs adopted the ducklings and took them home. The new family members were renamed popinjay and penguin. Since then, the owners of the four comrades have been taking pictures of them. In addition, they also like to make small scenes full of humor, which well illustrates this extraordinary friendship. The canvas enthusiastically follows their adventures.

here are 7 photos of matadors raising ducklings.

1. Since the duckling became a member of the

, and

2 families, swimming has always been the fun of pikelet and Patty cakes. This is a good photo. There are half of the

, and

3 teams. The Quartet took a group photo in the bath with a sense of humor

, and

4. When the duckling grew up, the photos of the Quartet became more interesting,

, and

5. In summer, the terrace becomes their preferred place to rest in the afternoon

, and

6. The nap is also collective. What’s more exciting is that

, ,


also read that two Bulldogs ransacked their house. When the owner found their work (video)

7, they would “die”. On sunny days, going to the park is the favorite activity of dogs and their friend ducks

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