Trapped in a flaming plastic box, this dog escapes the worst thanks to the firefighters

A young dog managed to get out of the transport box which a man had set on fire. Slightly burned, she miraculously escaped and was taken care of by an association.

The heinous act of which Korra was the victim did not go unpunished. Its author was, in fact, quickly identified and arrested . He will be prosecuted after trying to kill her in the cruelest way, as Shared reports.

The facts took place on October 11 at midday at Columbus Park in Manhattan . The individual set fire to the transport crate in which the 3-month-old dog was locked, before leaving the premises. When firefighters arrived, they discovered the melted plastic of the crate and the puppy running nearby.

Taken to Diley Hill Veterinary Clinic, Korra had pieces of burnt plastic on her body , including her back and head. Fortunately, the lesions could be treated .

Local police investigators, assisted by the Colombus Humane Society , were able to obtain the identity of his executioner within 24 hours. This is a man called Ra’shae Syrtaj Jermaine Johnson . Arrested, he confessed his misdeed and waits to be judged.

The dog has been doing much better since then. Her rescue is not the only good news, as she also found an adopted family , which she quickly joined.

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Police officers and members of the association thanked all those who assisted in the resolution of this sad affair, which however ended well for Korra .


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