A 15-year-old bitch stuck in a water evacuation pipe saved, after 10 hours of effort, thanks to a … skateboard!

Firefighters, police officers and residents mobilized to help a deaf senior dog stuck in a duct. After 10 hours of unsuccessful efforts, one of the fire soldiers offered to use a skateboard to save her.

Zoey was not only found two days after her disappearance, but she was also rescued after being stranded underground, reported WFAA this Sunday, August 22.


This deaf, 15-year-old dog had not been found since last Thursday (August 19). Her family were looking everywhere for her, but it was not until Saturday shortly before noon that she was finally located. Zoey was trapped in a storm drain on one of the streets in Arlington , Texas.

Local police and firefighters were on the scene quickly to try to rescue her, but the mission was much more difficult than expected. Their intervention was complex, both because of the dog’s deafness and the difficulty of accessing the place where she was.

Night was falling and rescuers still couldn’t bring Zoey back to the surface. Finally, one of the firefighters had a surprising, but brilliant idea. He, in fact, suggested using a skateboard to help the animal to be brought back to the entrance of the conduit.

They ended up finding a skateboard in the neighborhood, that of a kid who was happy to help. The ploy worked; At around 10 p.m. Zoey was picked up. She was soaked and a little shaken, but safe and sound. The emergency services immediately took care of her, installed her on a stretcher, dried her and put her on an IV. She was reunited with her family and her home soon after.


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A very good momentum of solidarity has been put in place to achieve such an outcome. People from the community brought pizza and water to those who took part in the rescue. Kristi Weil of Arlington Police was affected. “ It was amazing. Everyone helped. There were cries of joy and tears when Zoey was saved, ”said the policewoman. The skate was signed by the fire department and will be returned to its young owner this week.


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