The refuge is organizing the best day of their life for them!

After the death of their owner, two dogs found themselves in a shelter, without their bond weakening. A particular bond observed by the members of the shelter who decided to organize a wedding for the 2 animals. Marriage which will lead, everyone hopes, to a future adoption.

Decidedly, dog marriages are on the rise. Lately, it is Jake and Diane who had been able to say yes (or in a similar language). This time, this once in a lifetime moment was experienced by Zachary and Pee Wee , 2 Chihuahuas as cute separately as they are touching when they are together. And they still are.

The female is depressed in the absence of her husband

An upcoming honeymoon?

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All they have to do is find a home to spend their honeymoon… or rather the rest of their lives. There is no longer any question, for them, of being separated from each other.


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