Shelter decides to create a special room to make stray dogs feel right at home

Toledo Area Humane Society

Dogs awaiting adoption need to feel safe. For this purpose, an American refuge places them in a room equipped like a typical house.

Life in animal centers and shelters can be stressful for dogs who spend indefinite time there while waiting to find a family. Despite the efforts and kindness of the caregivers, the accommodations lack comfort. It is difficult for an animal shelter to accommodate a large number of dogs other than in kinds of compartments in cages, or boxes.

An exception is however recorded in Ohio. It is the Toledo Area Humane Society which has managed to furnish a room like a miniature house.

This piece is intended to accommodate dogs in real life . It is a way of putting them in a cozy environment that would reveal their true nature and facilitate their adoption .

The room contains an armchair, a rug, a cushion, a TV and even a night light for softer lighting. Initially, it was an office that the staff transformed, reports one of them to Dodo .

The refuge is very proud of this space which gives the dogs a break. Most of them have suffered in the past. Life in cages acts as a kind of intimidation on them. The refuge therefore preferred to make this transitional phase between a difficult past and a future family life, a period of calm. Dogs are free to spend time in the special room, alone or accompanied by a caregiver. They relax and thus give an idea about their future behavior in their real home.

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The result looks so promising that other shelters have opted for this method in turn. The Toledo Area Humane Society registered adoptions only 2 weeks after the space was created.

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