10 tips for keeping your home clean around pets

If you do it smart and act regularly, without letting things pile up, you can easily have a clean and healthy home despite the presence of pets.

Having one or more pets is pure happiness . However, the presence of a dog or a cat also has its share of small inconveniences , in particular in terms of hygiene .

With a good education and a few tips , it is quite possible to keep the house where an animal lives clean.

Here are 10 tips for keeping your home clean around dogs or cats.

1. Clean your toys and accessories

Over time, bacteria grow and proliferate on objects that dogs or cats handle on a daily basis. For his health and for the cleanliness of the place of life, it is essential to clean them regularly .

2. Give him a quality diet

We tend to forget it, but the hygiene of the animal and its environment also depends on what it eats . An unsuitable, too rich or poor quality diet can cause gas, dental problems and various disorders, while contributing to the unsanitary conditions of the house.

3. Maintain personal hygiene

This is obvious to any responsible master, but it remains useful to remember it, because neglected hygiene is problematic in more than one way. Not only for the well-being of the dog or cat, but also for those around it. Brushing and bathing (which should not be frequent) allow the animal to maintain a clean and healthy coat and skin.

4. Hide your litter

The odor emitted by kitty litter is a real problem. The choice of its location is therefore important to preserve the good atmosphere of the house. Bathroom, cellar, cupboard … The main thing is to hide it well , while ensuring that it remains easily accessible for the cat.

5. Clean his paws

When returning from a walk, the paws of the dog or cat can sometimes be very dirty . Dirt, mud and other debris can stick to it and make the floors of the house dirty. It is therefore advisable to thoroughly clean the animal’s paws, ideally with lukewarm water. It is also an opportunity to identify and dislodge any parasites that have taken up residence between the pads.

6. Wash your belongings (textiles)

We also often forget to wash our pet’s belongings. Basket , basket cover, blankets … Textiles easily accumulate impurities and need a good cleaning from time to time.

7. Maintain your claws

The maintenance of the claws is important for the hygiene and the well-being of the animals, but also to preserve the condition of furniture, carpets, etc.

8. Focus on essential oils

To cleanse , deodorize and disinfect the living space in a natural way, essential oils are supreme. However, it is advisable to seek advice from the veterinarian before choosing one, as some may be poorly tolerated by dogs or cats.

9. Clean under furniture

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By laziness or because these places are difficult to access, we do not always think of vacuuming or mopping under furniture . However, dead hair , dust and other debris can accumulate quickly.

10. Ventilate the rooms

Opening the windows for a few tens of minutes a day renews the air in the rooms, prevents humidity and the proliferation of bacteria, while preventing the appearance of bad odors. Your dogs and cats will thank you.


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