Punish his dog

Illustration : "Punir son chien"

punishment is one of the possible ways to correct dog behavior. Blame or change your dog’s behavior for doing stupid things: punishment is still a necessary injury. So how to punish wisely? Will punishment have long-term negative effects? When will

punish his dog? Correct punishment of your dog: to make your dog understand what he has done wrong, punishment should be done at a good time, with wit and teaching methods, rather than unprovoked violence. Here are some important suggestions to properly punish your dog. Punishment should not be randomly assigned to your dog.

he should always understand why he made a mistake so that he won’t do it again. Don’t give him the wrong reason, because your punishment may be counterproductive and have the opposite effect. Give the right punishment at the right time. When will

punish his dog?

is not always obvious to punish his dog at the right time. Reprimanding your dog too late after hours (or more than 20 minutes) of unwelcome behavior may bring a sense of unfairness to the dog. The dog doesn’t remember what he has done before. He lives in the present.


must grasp the facts and never suppress him wrongly. For example, excessive barking may be caused by a person deliberately irritating your dog or cat or insects.

another example that cannot be imitated: when you leave for a few hours and go home, You notice that your dog breathes a sigh of relief and pees on your floor. Result: you punish him, raise your voice and face his “stupidity”. Unfortunately, he forgot that he was responsible for this behavior. On the contrary, he will associate your return with punishment. Every time you walk out of the front door, you will feel afraid.

will punish his dog: what to do and the wrong way not to do “



” Violent acts such as kicking or slapping are forbidden and forgotten methods. Physical abuse will make your dog afraid or even aggressive, destroy the trust bond between you and the dog, and most importantly, cause serious physical injury (fracture, severe pain, bleeding). Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about

to avoid accessories, such as chokes, which may damage the trachea and may cause many other diseases. The same applies to electric necklaces when it’s a little too much to your taste. They often beep before discharging. In the long run, this beep may disturb the dog’s behavior. When the dog hears the phone ring, alarm clock or microwave timer, it will feel fear. The only hand separation technology of


is to grasp it through the neck skin. However, this method is not advisable, although some people think it reminds the dog that when the dog is still a puppy, its mother sometimes grabs its neck.

the correct method…

in any case, punishment must still be a special teaching behavior. Your dog must know how to distinguish between right and wrong, in other words, prohibition and permission.


should do this:

should be consistent: all family members must apply the same rules to the dog as you do. Everyone must be prohibited or allowed to enter the sofa or bedroom. Otherwise, your dog mayCompletely lost. Firmness rather than violence: in order to change your behavior, you must automatically punish unwanted behavior when it occurs. Avoid hitting your dog with your hand. In this case, your every caress will threaten it.

completely ignores your partner and may also be the punishment of your dog. The dog is still a very clever and lovely animal. If the owner doesn’t take care of it, it won’t like it. By isolating it, it will realize that it has done something bad you don’t like.

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when your dog shows the bad behavior you want, you can also get a reward. In the long run, the frustration caused by losing the reward should make him understand what he must do to enjoy the food again.

in short,

a good punishment is:

in the right time and without physical violence,

you must prohibit

at all costs Physical torture, strangulation and electric shock Necklace direct remorse and long-term punishment

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