A German Shepherd Dog too scared to leave the car he took refuge in even with the arrival of rescuers

Scared, a stray senior dog was hiding under a vehicle and waiting for someone to finally pay her some attention. Warned, volunteers immediately went to the scene to try to rescue her.

Life on the streets is extremely difficult for dogs . It is even more so for those who are old . Amelia , a senior German Shepherd female, was unfortunately in this situation until her rescue by Hope For Paws , an association based in Los Angeles .

The organization had been contacted by a passer-by, who saw the terrified dog hiding under a car , Animal Channel reports.

Eldad Hagar , Founder of Hope For Paws , quickly made it to the designated location, accompanied by a volunteer, Lisa Arturo .

The latter was responsible for the outreach work. She sat on the floor a few feet from the bitch and started to throw pieces of the burger . Hungry, Amelia swallowed them one by one. In doing so, she gradually came out from under the vehicle.

Lisa Arturo then lured her to a fenced area nearby. The dog continued to eat the bits of bread and ground beef. There, the young woman was able to put a leash around her neck and stroke her .

Eldad Hagar got the canine into the car to take him to the vet . Amelia was subsequently placed in a foster family with a farm.

The dog rediscovered the warmth of a home and showed how gentle and calm she was. She got along wonderfully with her peers, but also with other animals. After saving her, the association was looking for a new adopter.

Here is the video retracing his rescue:

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