Herbs to improve dog digestion

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herbs can alleviate many diseases of dogs. This includes digestion. What kind of dog digestive system diseases can be alleviated by plants? How to use the characteristics of plant kingdom elements to promote dog health and well-being. This is what we will see in this article.


reduces abdominal distension, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting in dogs. If dogs lose appetite, plants prevent constipation in dogs

Digestive disorders do disrupt a dog’s daily life. However, swelling, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite and constipation are part of the herbal treatment for dogs.

reduces the swelling of dogs,

intestinal gas is very uncomfortable. Sometimes the pain is even unbearable. It will also hurt the dog. The dog will suffer silently. Fortunately, herbs provide more than one solution to alleviate this situation.

alchmille, thyme or blueberry are one of the plants known to help alleviate this situation. They help reduce swelling naturally, just like mint and ginger. If the leaves of the former are given to the dog (beech) as is, the latter is usually given to the animal in the form of capsule.

also recommends preparing infusion of melon seeds (cucumber, pumpkin, melon and watermelon) to reduce intestinal gas.

Relieving diarrhea

diarrhea is not a good thing for dogs and owners because they must ensure the hygiene of their living environment (which is also the living environment of pets).

some plants have anti diarrhea properties, just like willows. The latter was used to treat dysentery. This shows whether it is effective in this regard. Due to its unique abundance of polyphenols and heteropolysaccharides, salicylic acid has anti diarrhea effect, so it can be used in dogs.


can also use infusion from Ratanhia, a shrub from the West Indies and Peru, Get advice on alleviating dog diarrhea from alchmille or caroube.

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thistle, Melissa, turmeric and ginger are common plants for treating nausea and vomiting in dogs.

Dandelion may have a good effect on animals vomiting bile.

If dogs lose appetite,

herbs can also be used to help dogs because dogs can’t empty fish tanks. Roman chamomile can stimulate the appetite of animals. The flowers of this plant can be injected into canines to enjoy its benefits.

note that the loss of appetite in dogs is not a harmless sign, especially if it lasts for a few days. It is necessary for the veterinarian to see it.

plants fight the constipation of dogs.

if constipation, dogs can relieve it by sweet almond (oil). You can also help him by preparing bourdan bark injection (also known as bourgen).

can also be read: herbal medicine for the treatment of dog osteoarthritis

preventive measures

plants and their uses are for reference only here. It’s dangerous to give you some treatmentThis is his dog. He didn’t tell the vet in advance. Ask him for advice, not only because he has the right to make a reliable and accurate diagnosis of your dog, but also because he must prescribe some drugs to correct the situation. Under no circumstances can he replace it with herbal medicine. “

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