Shinga, a brave bitch trained to fight poaching

Poaching is a real scourge for wildlife. To combat this illegal activity, Wales-based Dogs 4 Wildlife is training dogs to deter poachers. Shinga is one of their latest recruits.

At 8 months old, Shinga already has a destiny drawn up. The Malinois female will be sent in January 2022, when she is 15 months old, to the Rhino & Wildlife Sanctuary in Imire (Zimbabwe). Kal , Lusa and Kitapo , other dogs following the same training, will accompany him.

His mission ? Protecting species threatened by poachers, reveals Metro . His days will be punctuated by patrols in the heart of the nature reserve. Alongside armed rangers, the dog with exceptional athletic skills will follow and secure populations of rhinos and elephants. It will play a vital role as a deterrent if poachers are spotted.

© Dogs 4 Wildlife

The mission of a lifetime

While this job may not be the safest in the world for a dog, the Dogs 4 Wildlife website has not yet reported any incidents. “ Shinga will be fitted with a bullet- and stab-resistant harness to help keep her safe, ” said her trainer, Darren Priddle .

© Dogs 4 Wildlife

She has shown confidence, stability, enthusiasm, a willingness to interact with people, and she is also very sociable, ” added the educator.

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© Dogs 4 Wildlife

The courageous Shinga will accomplish her mission until the age of 10. She will then enjoy a well-deserved retirement at the shrine, with the members of the team who will become her family forever.


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