Dog stops traffic to allow children to cross the street

Annoyed by motorists who do not let a group of children pass by, yet they are on a pedestrian crossing, a dog decided to take matters into their own hands. Or rather in leg …

A stray dog has become famous in Georgia for its admirable attitude towards children wanting to cross the street , as reported by The Dodo .

It is a man by the name of Beqa Tsinadze who had the good idea to film him while he was at work in Batumi , a coastal city in the southwest of the country.

A first video was posted on Facebook on January 17th. We see a group of children getting ready to take the pedestrian crossing , but motorists do not deign to stop to allow them to reach the opposite sidewalk. This is where the dog in question kicks in. Extremely determined , the quadruped in the white and black dress is ahead of the schoolchildren and their companions. He then begins to bark in the direction of a stopped car, then another which, traveling in the other direction, has simply continued on its way while the group was already well on the zebra crossing. The dog finally escorted his charges to the opposite sidewalk.

A 2nd video, also filmed by Beqa Tsinadze few days later, proves that the dog is customary due. It is therefore a real vocation for him to help children cross safely.

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Georgian media confirmed he was a stray dog, adding that residents of the neighborhood were taking care of him .


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