Inhabited by his past, his dog still does not dare to eat his bowl entirely!

Saved by a rescue group and then adopted in the process, a small dog retains some trauma from a painful past with apparently unscrupulous owners. His after-effects are found in … his bowl, where he always leaves half of his food.

Some traumas never really go away. Otávio is the perfect example. The dog with the adorable boil has long lived in a house in the company of other congeners. All were neglected , even mistreated by their families at the time. Until Otávio is saved by a rescue group.

The canine was retrieved on time. His physical wounds were able to heal. Better, he could be adopted by Joice Lamas and her husband , at the beginning of the year 2018. However, the reference to his painful past is never far away.

Anyway, this blockage refers to a past of which it will keep scars for life . Despite everything, his current family is working hard . She would like to help as much as she can a dog that she has grown to love. “ He will never be without anything in life again. We try to make him as happy as possible, ”says Joice .

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And, if we except this detail, Otávio gives him back. The latter always flourishes in his new home. “ These dogs, victims of abuse, need patience and love. Love changes animals. Once rescued, an animal becomes much sweeter, grateful, and affectionate. » Otávio is the clear proof of this. Come on, one more little effort and his bad habits from the past will soon be gone.


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