His dog mistakenly euthanized by a veterinary clinic. 8 months later, she is still waiting for explanations

Arlene Fougere / Facebook

For nearly 8 months, Arlene Fougere has been waiting for explanations around the death of her dog Cooper, euthanized by mistake. The investigation opened by the veterinary association after its filing of a complaint has still not been completed.”

His dog misses him terribly. Cooper’s disappearance has turned Arlene Fougere’s life upside down, as she told the Chronicle Herald on Sunday, March 28.”

This resident of Meat Cove, a village located on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia (Eastern Canada), has hardly left her home since last August and the death of her 9-year-old Siberian Husky.”

A mistake with tragic consequences

That day, Arlene Fougere had taken Cooper to the vet for a pain in his paw. She assures that, apart from this discomfort, the dog was in good health. Due to the restrictions related to the health crisis, the practitioner intervened in the parking lot of the Highland Animal Hospital clinic in Ingonish.”

He approached the Husky and his mistress holding a tourniquet. Arlene Fougere thought he was going to draw blood for analysis. Without saying a word, the vet performed an injection that would put his 4-legged friend to sleep forever.”

Horrified, Arlene Fougere could not believe her ears when the veterinarian acknowledged that he had just euthanized Cooper by mistake. He explained to her that 3 euthanasias of dogs had been scheduled that day and that he thought his Husky was one of them.”

An even more difficult mourning job in the absence of a response

She filed a complaint with the Nova Scotia Veterinary Association (NSVMA), which opened an investigation. Until this Friday, March 26, there was no evolution in the file. Brian MacInnis, of the NSVMA, simply confirmed by email, at the end of last week, that the complaint had been received and that the elements of the case were being studied by a panel.”

Said panel consists of 5 people, including 4 veterinarians. Brian MacInnis added that he did not yet know how soon the investigation would be completed.”

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It’s very frustrating, laments Arlene Fougere, who simply wants justice for Cooper. For her, life is no longer the same in all ways, whether there is a decision on the part of the veterinary association or not. She’s been cloistered at home for almost 8 months and doesn’t even have the strength to part with Cooper’s business.”

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