Neglected and dirty, this old dog abandoned by her former owners had to survive alone on the street. Until the day where…

Poignant images showed an abandoned dog in Thailand in deplorable condition. Years of neglect and vagrancy have bruised her tiny body. The poor animal was miserably dragging a lump of thick, matted fur.

A simple meeting can change a life … An elderly dog was abandoned by her owners years earlier in Thailand. Her daily life was summed up in wandering the streets, alone, in search of food. Over time, the canine’s hairs have grown considerably, to the point of forming a strong, unbreakable net. His face got lost under a thick, greasy bag of knots, preventing him from seeing properly, Metro explains. The animal, ignored by passers-by, was condemned to live in wandering until the end.

A man rescued the old bitch

Until the day his guardian angel appeared. Kriengkrai Thatawakorn is a pet groomer from Sisaket who roams the country to help dogs in need. The young man was moved when he saw the old bitch, rummaging through a pile of rubbish. Determined to help her, Kriengkrai retrieved her.

The quadruped has finally been pampered: his benefactor gave him a bath and cut his hair. But Kriengkrai didn’t just rid him of his heavy, sticky coat. The Thai also chased away his loneliness.

After his amazing transformation, the canine was quickly adopted

In addition to getting a new haircut, the bitch has found a new loving family forever. “ My friend, who is also a pet groomer, decided to adopt him,Kriengkrai enthused.

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