A woman kidnapped and held in an apartment near Paris was found thanks to a tracking dog

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In Seine-Saint-Denis, a police dog specializing in tracking managed to locate a young woman kidnapped by a fifty-something. The kidnapper was arrested and his victim saved.

On Sunday evening, a 20-year-old woman sent her brother disturbing messages via Snapchat . She told him to have been kidnapped by an individual, who was keeping her hostage in her apartment, reports Le Parisien .

The victim’s brother immediately informed the Lilas police station (93). The SDPJ 93 (departmental service of the judicial police – Seine-Saint-Denis) embarked on this case and, thanks to the geolocation of the cell phone, knew in which sector she was sequestered. It was on the Allée de la Catalogne side in the Balagny district, in Aulnay-sous-Bois . In which apartment? This is where the flair of Izno , a police dog , kicked in.

The precise marking of the dog in a forest of dwellings

The canine tracker reviewed a large number of lodgings, before clearly marking one of them around 2 a.m. The apartment in question is on the 3rd floor. When the police entered it, they had the confirmation that they had just broken down the right door, designated by the brave Izno. The tenant, a 55-year-old man, was armed with 2 knives . He was subdued and arrested . The young woman he was holding was there too and alive .

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Also according to Le Parisien , she would have told the police to have been sexually abused by her captor. The latter allegedly acted in retaliation for a complaint that she had lodged against him and which had earned him a stay in prison. He had kidnapped her in the town of Romainville , when she was returning home.

A huge congratulations to the dog Izno and his dog handler for this saving feat .

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