Lost, this dog has the wonderful idea of going to his vet to retrieve his address

Phuttaraksa Animal Clinic

A puppy gets lost trying to explore the streets of Bangkok. Not knowing how to go back to his mistress’s place of work, he went to his vet.

Khiew Ngern is a 4 month old puppy. Crossbreed Bull Terrier with a black coat, the puppy is used to walking without a leash with the other dogs of his mistress. Employed in a restaurant in Bangkok, she lets her dogs play outside until she leaves.

But this time, a curious little one ventured out of the troop. For 6 hours, the puppy roamed the streets of Thailand to discover the city .

Only here, by wanting to find his way to the restaurant, he gets lost. Intelligent and armed with his very powerful sense of smell, he decides to find his way back to the other place that is familiar to him: his veterinarian’s office.

For a puppy, visits to the veterinarian are bound to be very frequent. The vaccination schedule for puppies should be adhered to to ensure good health and healthy growth.

feels pretty good there and is friends with all the assistants who work there.

Arriving in front of the clinic, the puppy patiently waits for someone to recognize him. Even then, he remains cautious and hesitates for a moment before entering. Because alone without his mistress, you have to be careful.

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Contacted by the veterinary clinic, the owner of Khiew Ngern comes to meet her puppy who was delighted to find her, as reported by BoredPanda.

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