The heroic intervention of a dog who saves his little 12-year-old owner being chased by a man in a van!

In the United States, a 12-year-old child was able to escape her attacker thanks to her father’s dog. The courageous animal did not hesitate to come to its aid by controlling the individual and forced the latter to flee. Police are looking for the suspect.

Our dogs never miss an opportunity to show their tremendous loyalty. Recently, one of them did so by saving his young mistress while the latter was being pursued by a visibly malicious person, as Newsweek reported on Wednesday, May 19.

The assault took place last Saturday (May 15) in Fairfield Township , Ohio. At the wheel of a red / brown colored van, a man set out to follow a 12-year-old girl for a reason not yet known.

When she saw it, the child ran to her father’s store, located on Columbiana-Waterford Road. The driver then got out of his vehicle to pursue her on foot.

The motorist had no choice but to flee. He got back to his pick-up and headed for New Waterford , heading south-east.

The child and his dog unharmed, the suspect actively sought

The girl and the dog are safe and sound. The father filed a complaint on Monday with the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office, whose officers are seeking information to identify and arrest the suspect.

Neither the brave dog’s name or breed was specified, although one of the people who commented on the local Sheriff’s Office Facebook post referred to a Doberman Pinscher, like the one in the photo below.

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