Rescue workers intervene by boat and save a dog in danger on a frozen river (Video)

Rescuing a dog trapped in a frozen river was long and complex, but the patience of rescuers prevailed. Suspicious, the quadruped did not allow himself to be approached and managed to flee several times.

The rescue teams had a lot to do this Monday, January 6 in Belle Isle in the city of Detroit (State of Michigan), while they were trying to help a dog in bad posture . Their efforts paid off and the animal was recovered unharmed , as People reported. The rescue was also filmed and the video (at the end of the article) posted on YouTube the same day.

Detroit animal control officers were the first to respond. They were trying to catch up with said dog who was alone in Belle Isle park. While trying to approach the canine, a Cane Corso it seems, they involuntarily pushed the latter to flee towards the Detroit River, the surface of which was covered with a thin layer of ice which broke under its paws.

They then called in the Michigan Humane Animal Search and Rescue Unit . It is the only organization in the region to be specifically equipped and trained for interventions in aquatic environments .

After putting on their thermal suits and life jackets, the specialist rescuers headed for the islet on which the dog had found refuge in the meantime. They then tried to immobilize it with lassos, but the frightened animal barked and backed away constantly. He then left the islet, finding himself briefly in the icy water before climbing back up to the frozen surface and running back to the shore .

It was the start of a new chase . The elusive Cane Corso roamed the park again as night fell . In the end, it was a team in a car that managed to retrieve it safely .

In the process, the dog was taken to a veterinary clinic for a complete examination.

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