They discover a one-year-old dog abandoned in the forest. In a note attached to the necklace, its owner explains …

In great difficulty because of the coronavirus pandemic, the owner of Roadie ended up parting with this bitch because he could no longer take care of her.

Last week, an abandoned dog tied to a tree was discovered in the state of Indiana (Midwestern United States). Named Roadie , the one-year-old German Shepherd cross had a note hanging from her collar , as People reported.

The dog was taken into the care of the local animal control service , who then took her to the Johnson County shelter . She was in good health , described as lovable , outgoing , active and gentle by the shelter team.

She also benefited from a correct education , her only flaw being that she tends to chase certain animals , in particular the geese of the reception structure.

As the shelter had made it known that Roadie was available for adoption , his Facebook page received numerous messages from families wishing to welcome him. The staff therefore had no difficulty placing her , since she no longer appears on the list of adoptable animals. So Roadie has found a loving new home .

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While happy with the outcome, Johnson County Shelter Manager Michael Delp reminded struggling dog and feline owners that there are other, safer ways to entrust their companions. Acting like Roadie’s former master – attaching him to a tree in this case – exposes the animals to various dangers : accident, attack, suffocation… He suggests that they instead contact the shelters to organize the transfer in complete safety .


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