Large-scale rescue with 50 sick, dehydrated and emaciated dogs removed from foreign country

Having ended up with 50 dogs to take care of, a Nebraska association rose to the challenge brilliantly. Volunteers and even visitors spontaneously provided him with help. The canines had been rescued overseas before being brought to North America.

The Scatter Joy Acres team , an association based in Omaha in the state of Nebraska (central United States), did not expect to have so many dogs to accommodate at once. In fact, no less than 50 French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and Pugs arrived at the refuge this Sunday, May 23, as reported by KETV .


The animals had just made a long journey from abroad and in several stages. They have yet to reach Florida, specifically West Palm Beach , where they can be offered for adoption.

In the meantime, it is the volunteers of Scatter Joy Acres who take care and comfort them.

All of a sudden we found ourselves inundated with dogs. We love dogs, but that’s a lot to deal with at the same time, ”says Tim Heller, head of the organization. Fortunately, the association is not alone; volunteers and visitors lent him a hand.


A long journey and great efforts to bring new life to these dogs

He adds that the quadrupeds had recently arrived in Canada. Their origin is hidden so as not to compromise the rescues to come in the country in question. Another association, Big Dog Rescue Ranch in this case, then took charge of the file on their arrival in Seattle , in the State of Washington (North-West of the United States). She then enlisted the Nebraska Boston Terrier French Bulldog Rescue , who in turn called Scatter Joy Acres for help.


Some of these dogs are very skinny, dehydrated and suffer from sores, according to Tim Heller . They receive all the necessary care. Unfortunately, 2 of them died shortly after their admission to the veterinary clinic.

Everything is done to allow these animals to fully recover their health and prepare them to start their new life.

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