Blind dog couple survive 12 years of pain thanks to their mutual support

A case of severe neglect led 2 blind dogs to live in excruciating pain. The 2 friends do not leave each other with one sole.

NorCal Bully Breed Rescue employees say they have never witnessed such a case. The dogs who went through this long and painful period of neglect together are 12 years old. The number of diseases and infections they are afflicted with is appalling.

The poor animals stayed in the house of their owner who paid them no attention or care. By the time they were rescued, the dogs were invaded by parasites and suffered from multiple skin infections .

Chase , a Chihuahua , and his friend, an English Cocker Spaniel , had lost their hair. Their skin was all red and devoured with dirt, urine and feces. Barely resembling dogs, they could not stand due to the pain.

Their only comfort and the only thing that kept them alive was the company of each other.

When their master was about to move, he gave them to a shelter in California. In order to prevent them from being euthanized, the NorCal Bully Breed Rescue placed them in a foster family .

We immediately began to treat the various diseases of dogs who also suffered from intestinal parasites and had too long nails.

The dogs were also malnourished.

Chase and Buddy’s new mom is surprised at the dogs’ attitude. Despite their troubled past, they claim and give a lot of love, Kellie Murphy tells Dodo .

They are happy in the face of affection and love to sleep on their mistress’s lap. This is certainly explained by the fact that they have been deprived of it all their lives.

Chase was diagnosed with lymphoma after being diagnosed, but he will be given treatment for 6 months. In the meantime, Murphy testifies that the dogs are regaining their strength.

Murphy , her husband and 2 year old daughter and dog love newcomers. They have provided them with a bed, clothes and a garden to play in even if they refuse to move away from each other.

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Murphy says that as soon as you try to get one of them outside, the other screams and only calms down if he starts to be in direct contact with his friend again.

An animal cruelty investigation is currently underway against the former owner of the dogs.

Murphy hopes they can find an adoptive family in the coming months. If that doesn’t happen, she offers to keep them as long as they want.


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