Labrador in danger after venturing too far out to sea

In England, sea rescuers rescued a dog that had strayed a little too far from shore and was struggling to keep its head above the water. Thanks to their quick and efficient intervention, the canine was returned safe and sound to its family.

Labrador Retrievers are born swimmers who love to dive and play in the water whenever they get the chance. The dog in question here belongs to this breed and is no exception to the rule, but it got him a big mishap.

Fortunately, a team from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI ) was patrolling the area and quickly rescued him. It is also the site of the British charity specializing in sea rescue which reported this story.

The incident took place on Thursday, June 3 in the early afternoon. A Labrador and his handlers were at Praa Sands beach in Cornwall (South West England), enjoying this beautiful sunny day. The dog was playing in the water without realizing that he was straying from the shore. Its owners also realized it too late. The sea was already carrying the canine out to sea.

For long minutes, he tried to fight against the current to regain the sand, but he could not. The distance that separated him only increased despite his desperate efforts.

RNLI rescuers Kieran Roberts and Guy Brooks saw it and the duo immediately jumped into action. They jumped into their inflatable motor boat and rushed towards the animal, which was finding it increasingly difficult to keep its head above the water. They arrived just in time.


Back to the shore to the applause

While one was at the controls of the boat and slowly approached the quadruped, the other jumped into the water to retrieve it and get it on board. They then comforted him on the return trip.

On their way back to the beach, they were greeted by the applause of the witnesses, but also and above all the owners of Labrador, who did not fail to thank them.


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He recalls, in fact, that seeking to intervene in this type of incident yourself amounts to putting oneself in great danger and complicating the work of rescuers.


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