These 14 funny and adorable Huskies show they are the real owners of the house!

Huskies try to take responsibility and keep their homes clean. As these photos show.

Siberian Huskies generally have little concern for the maintenance of their home. They only think about playing and their treats, which is their right. However, some feel in control and want to run their homes and care for their families like leaders.

Here are 14 photos of Huskies who are the real masters of the place at home.

1. Before taking his responsibilities in hand, a Husky must rest

2. A Husky puppy is interested in toilet hygiene

3. Instead of a surveillance camera, this Husky stands guard

4. A Husky enthroned in his bed as the owner of the house

5. No one is allowed to sit down to the table before he has given his consent.

6. He is also the one who uncaps the bottles

7. Husky parents trying to take a nap after lunch

8. The Sunday bath is under the close supervision of the Husky.

9. The owner of the house is the one who decides which program to watch.

10. He waits for the whole family to get in the car to drive them.

11. Huskies sometimes allow children to get on their beds.

12. Cleaning is a must for a well-kept house

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13. He keeps the baby and makes it his duty

14. The inspection of the dishes after washing is done every evening without exception.


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