Dog Basket

Illustration : "Le panier pour chien"

adopted a dog to provide it with comfort suitable for its new home. Your dog has the right to his own sleeping space: his basket. But how do we choose it, especially where to install it? He will find your sofa or bed suitable, but you must get used to his diapers from the beginning.


what are the selection criteria? What is the position of the basket? What are the selection criteria?

your dog’s welfare can’t be put in the basket you think “cute”.

receives suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register that your email address is collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about waist circumference: he must have enough space to lie in the ball and stretch. Measure the length between the bottom of the tail and the truffle, plus about 15 cm, and you’ll get the ideal size. Shape: the windowsill model is very suitable to provide her with a surface body protection. So it’s best to have baskets and muffins. If your faithful partner is still young, give him a “tipi” style basket to make him feel comfortable and teach him how to keep clean. On the other hand, if he is old, it is best to have a mattress so that he can settle down without overstretching his joints. Materials: take a model that can resist claws, fangs and tweezers. For puppies, avoid wickers to avoid ingestion of debris that may cause internal injury. At the edge of the basket, cover the basket with a large cotton cushion. Plastic is the best choice. What is the position of the basket?

is up to you to decide where your partner will live. The position of the layer determines the dog’s hierarchy. Even if you think he is a full member of your family, avoid putting

in a high place, in the center of the room, at the entrance or both sides of the stairs: These are positions worthy of a leader’s supervision and control. Put a floor on a piece of furniture or a remote place: your partner will feel trapped. He will become unsociable.

has a quiet corner in a moving space. Your dog can easily integrate into family life and have a small space without hindering you.


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to select the right basket and install it in the strategic corner. Consider maintenance to minimize the risk of allergies associated with mites, dragged dog hair and dust. Regularly clean all fabrics at 40 ° C, put as many cushions outdoors as possible (preferably in the sun), and don’t forget to put the vacuum cleaner in your partner’s sleeping corner.

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