Devastated by their dog’s runaway, this family no longer believed that he would come back …

Stephanie McMillan , her husband and their children were very attached to Roxy . They had other dogs , but she was the youngest and most energetic. So when the dog went missing in December 2019, everyone was devastated , reports The Dodo .

They didn’t know if she had run away or if she had been stolen while she was in the garden. The family looked for her everywhere in and around the neighborhood, but she could not be found . As time went on, the McMillans had less and less illusions about the chances of seeing her again.

Nevertheless, 2 months after the dog’s disappearance, the mother had the surprise of her life when she browsed a Facebook page of stray pets. She had just found a cat and was looking for its possible owners, and that’s when she came across pictures of Roxy . Stephanie McMillan couldn’t believe her eyes.

She went to her husband’s work during his lunch break and the two of them looked at the footage together to make sure it was their Roxy . They sent their own photos of the bitch to the lady who posted the post to prove to her that they owned it. An hour and a half later, she answered them and a date was arranged.

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Here is the video of their reunion:


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