The children thought they would never see their missing dog again, but their parents had a nice surprise in store for them

Roxy the dog’s family had been looking for her for months. Parents and children had despaired of seeing her again, but she was eventually found thanks to social media. The reunion gave rise to outpourings of joy.

Stephanie McMillan , her husband and children have several dogs , including Roxy , a young female Pitbull . Very attached to the latter, they were all extremely sad when the latter disappeared last December, as The Dodo recounts.

That day, the bitch was in the garden, then mysteriously vanished. Her owners did not know if she had run away or if she had been stolen . The family searched around and around the neighborhood, but to no avail. The more time passed, the more parents and children began to get used to the idea that they might never see their 4-legged friend again.

2 months later, Stephanie McMillan found a cat near her house, believing it to be from a local family. She then proceeded to browse a Facebook page dedicated to missing pets in the hope of finding the possible owners of the feline, but instead, she stumbled upon a photo of Roxy !

She showed it to her husband to be sure it was her. There was no longer any doubt. They sent Julianne Klein , the woman who posted the photo, a message and pictures of Roxy to prove that she was their dog. An hour and a half later, she got back to them and they arranged for Roxy to come back .

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Stephanie McMillan , her husband and their youngest son were able to hug her again. The other children were still in school and they decided to surprise them . The video of their happy reunion can be viewed here .


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