In this airport, to calm your stress, assistance dogs are at your disposal!


While strolling in the airport of San Fransisco , you will perhaps come across a rather particular brigade. Brigade made up of several dogs and a pig. The goal is simple: reduce the anxiety of the traveler and distract him before his flight. An idea that is enjoying resplendent success.

It’s never easy to fly. Some people are even afraid of getting on a machine that will leave dry land. Faced with this observation, there are not many means other than speaking to reassure the worried , stressed or distressed traveler. Jennifer Kazarian had a slightly more original idea …

In 2013, she drew on what had been created in other airports around the world, after September 11, 2001, to do the same in San Francisco : hire an animal brigade to comfort and distract tense passengers. She became the program manager of the Wag Brigade , made up of 22 dogs and a pig named Lilou .

Crossbreeding an animal makes you happier and healthier

The airport has therefore partnered with the SFSPCA (San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and offers travelers to reduce their stress and make them a little happier before taking off. Indeed, according to studies, animals have the power to improve our health by increasing our levels of oxytin and lowering our levels of cortisol . In view of the many pictures shared by the brigade’s Instagram account, the passengers look radiant. No more signs of distress can be seen on their faces!

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