Piriformis in dogs

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tick borne diseases reflect the current concern about the medical importance of humans and dogs. Piriformis, a disease affecting dogs found in Italy in 1895, is now common in mild and humid areas of France. Because life is sometimes affected, it is necessary to understand and detect its symptoms as soon as possible in order to intervene in time.


More than two-thirds of the French territory was affected, and it was suspected that there were early signs of intervention in blood diagnosis and treatment to protect their dogs and prevent the spread of pirosis. More than two-thirds of the French territory was affected She’ll be back! “Nursery rhymes fit him well. In fact, an unpredictable and randomly transmitted reticular skin tick can be observed in more than two-thirds of the territory of France. This tick is caused by a parasite Babesia canis or Babesia vogeli, which causes the so-called canine pirosis. The climate change of short and light winter and rainy summer directly affects the survival and development of ticks. It is important to consider the ballast area that may be a tick reservoir. Therefore, ticks will attach more to hounds, whether outdoors or walking. Kdspe and

report thousands of cases every year. Even if awareness of the disease is controlled, sometimes more serious forms and treatment failures occur. This may reflect new forms of parasites, new pyriform bodies, which are spreading, making health care more complex. Piriform bodies parasitize in the red blood cells of dogs, resulting in large-scale destruction, fairly rapid hemolytic anemia, and sometimes shock within 2 days Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about the suspicion of the early signs of the earliest intervention

. It can be observed that the dog has a peak fever, up to 40 ° C, accompanied by very serious fatigue and loss of appetite, with no obvious reason. Your dog really doesn’t want to stand up again. When Babin is lifted, the usually pink mucosa becomes very pale. After a few days, without rapid medical intervention, they will turn yellow. Dark brown urine indicates renal or liver complications. The clinical manifestation of piriformis in puppies is more serious than that in adults. Piriformis can be fatal without treatment or too late; If parasites are directly observed under a microscope, the most common is a drop of blood collected from Babin, there is no doubt about the diagnosis and treatment of pirosis. However, it cannot be concluded that there is no such disease without observing the piriform body, because the clinical symptoms themselves show this. The treatment is to inject it directly into your veterinarian to kill the parasites in the blood. If the remission is not fast or the clinical manifestations are too serious, hospitalization is sometimes required to support the life function of your dog. Recurrence is always possible and will keep you on high alert even after treatment. Tick protection is still your main asset because your dog may be re infected with the disease at any time.

can well protect dogs and prevent the spread of

pirosis in spring and autumn. It is expected that the incidence peak will appear in many areas. The protection of veterinary antiparasitic drugs is still the most effective way to prevent ticks from adhering to the blood meal or adhering to the skin to release piriform bodies. In order to effectively protect his dog, regular use of appropriate products is essential, and his fur is systematically inspected to prevent opportunistic ticks. The annual protection provided by pirosis vaccine is an asset, but it needs to be supplemented with anti tick agents during infection.

, because a dog with good claws is also a well protected dog, Consult your veterinarian at any time according to the season and region in which you and your dog live

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