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Illustration : "Apprendre à mettre un harnais à son chien"


which harness to choose? How to select dimensions? When we walk the dog, we often tie the dog up for safety. For the comfort and mobility of dogs, it is usually recommended to wear seat belts. There are many kinds of safety belts. Even if you choose carefully: wearing a seat belt may be more complicated than wearing a necklace because you have to deal with the dog! If you accidentally put it on your dog, it is likely that it will never be manipulated again.

so it is important to know how to put the seat belt on the dog so that you won’t risk abusing it and conflict with it before going out every time.

what seat belt do you choose? The selection of

harness is not random. Several factors need to be considered when selecting seat belts:

“there are seat belts specially designed for dog sports. Their purpose is to help dogs use all their strength with minimal impact on the body. They are “Y” shaped seat belts that loosen the dog’s shoulders and usually move down the fastened back line. They are usually discontented in the back. On the other hand, there is the so-called education or traction seat belt, with a tether on the chest. They are tied to the chest to give the owner greater control over the dog, so that it is easier to learn to walk with a relaxed belt. Being tied to the chest will cause slight discomfort to the dog, and the dog will naturally reduce the tension of the belt. It must be remembered that this is still a prop to help the owner, not a solution. In any case, there is a harness:

receives woopets’ suggestions through registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about the Y or X on the dog’s chest (release the dog’s shoulder for sports or education) the H (classic and first prize seat belt) on the dog’s back is an inverted Y, its two branches pass through both sides of the front leg, and the shoulder belt passes through the dog’s back (classic seat belt and first prize commonly used by little dogs) how to choose the size of T (shoulder lock, commonly used for Education) on the dog’s shoulder?

The seat belt will be selected according to the shape and size of your dog. Please note that each brand may have its own size. Therefore, one size on one brand may not be suitable for another brand. It is best to go to the store and let your dog try the seat belt T pet store accepts pets on their website. If you choose your online seat belt, please note that there is a size guide in the product description. You can also check the customer’s comments on it. The problem is that the seat belt should not interfere with your dog. The belt passing through the back of your leg should not Oppress or oppress your dog. The belt around the neck must allow one finger to pass through your hand. Don’t worry, many seat belts have adjustable belts. This is a good advantage, especially when your dog grows up, gains weight or loses weight. How does the

wear the

seat belt It’s time for a walk. Now you have a seat belt in your hand! First, it’s best to wear a seat belt when your dog is quiet to avoid hurting or irritating him. Here’s how to easily wear a seat belt without interfering with your dog, depending on the seat belt you choose:

T-belts: most seat belts are worn on the head, like necklaces. So put the front belt on the dog’s shoulderPut your head over your shoulder. Then, simply tie the strap through the back of the paw and under the abdomen to the fixing clip on the other side of the dog. The tether buckle will then be located on the back and / or chest. On some seat belts, in order to facilitate correct placement, the belt below the abdomen will be different in color from the belt around the shoulder and neck.

Y, X and H seat belts: squat gently behind the dog (according to the size of the dog) to avoid pressing it in front of the dog. Your dog can stand. Then you can put your dog’s head in the seat belt. Then, gently grasp the right leg, gently bend it onto its natural axis, and place it in the hole on the right under the shoulder. So should the other claw in the left hole. Then you can hang the strap on the corresponding clip.

reverse y-sling: this needs to be handled, because you must first put your legs together one by one, and then tie the strap on the back.

once put on, You will find that the letters corresponding to your seat belt have been formed. The tie buckle is located at the bottom or middle of the back, chest, or both. If you don’t, you may be in the wrong direction or fasten your belt. Note that all harness strips must be flat without kinks. Otherwise your dog may damage its hair and skin, or get hurt!


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, and then install the harness to your dog as needed. To do this, simply adjust the tie wrap. The belt should not be too loose. If adjusted, you can only move between the belt and the dog’s skin with one or two fingers. Otherwise, the harness is too tight or too small! A proper, proper seat belt is also an important step. You can easily put the seat belt on your dog. So don’t underestimate this step.

for all these steps, you can use candy. This will associate the harness with the positive tool. In fact, you can lure your dog to put his head in his seat belt from the beginning so that he can get candy. “

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