Brave dog helps authorities locate young girl missing during tropical storm

Lee County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook

The anguish of the family of a missing girl has ended thanks to the police search and rescue dog. Specialist in tracking, the female Chien de Saint Hubert quickly followed in the footsteps of the girl and thus made it possible to rescue her in time.”

The extremely efficient flair of the Chiens de Saint Hubert make them valuable assets for the police and rescue units that deploy them. Unparalleled tracking dogs, they often make the difference during the search for missing persons, being as effective as they are fast during their interventions.”

Mercy is one of those 4-legged rescuers with an overpowered nose. She serves in the Sheriff’s Office of Lee County, Florida. She recently distinguished herself by finding a 12-year-old girl safe and sound, as Reported by People on July 7.”

The day before, Tropical Storm Elsa reached the southeastern peninsula of the United States, giving rise to extremely difficult weather conditions. It was in this context that the child’s family reported his disappearance in the evening.”

” The missing girl quickly found thanks to Mercy

Local sheriff Carmine Marceno immediately launched a search and rescue mission. Mercy, a dog from the canine unit, was on the front line. The female Chien de Saint Hubert embarked on the trail of the disappeared and did not take long to locate her.” Despite the strong winds and heavy rain, she followed her trail for nearly a kilometer through the thick forest, the sheriff’s office said. Mercy eventually found her. The girl, safe and sound, was thus able to be taken home.”

The dog had completed her training in July 2020. In addition to rescue operations, Mercy is also working to put a smile back on sick children’s faces in hospitals across the region. A true superheroine.”

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