Favorite dog breed of the French: the Yorkshire Terrier, first in the hearts of the French

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The Yorkshire Terrier is at the top of the ranking of identified dog breeds most present in French homes. 2 other small dog varieties complete the podium. These figures are those of I-CAD which has just unveiled them. They also concern the names most given in 2019 and the number of pets recorded in the national file for the year.

What is the favorite dog breed of the French ? If we trust the statistics just revealed by the I-CAD , the national file for the identification of domestic carnivorous animals, it is the Yorkshire Terrier that has this status, as reported by Le Progrès .

With 257,150 representatives in homes in France at the end of 2019, the Yorkie breed dominates the ranking in terms of animals registered in the I-CAD file (therefore identified by chip or tattoo ). She is closely followed by the Jack Russell Terrier (221,056 dogs identified) and the Chihuahua (210,765 canines recorded). Small dogs are therefore popular with French owners.

At the 4 th place was the Labrador Retriever, followed by another small breed, the French Bulldog in this case. German Shepherd , Brittany Spaniel , Golden Retriever , Australian Shepherd and Border Collie complete the top 10.

A total of 9,120,535 dogs were registered in the National I-CAD file at 1 January 2020 782 201 were for the single year 2019, representing 1 of 2 animal identified. Cats represent 49% of companions identified in 2019 (765,681), and ferrets make up the remaining 1% (3,206).

Regarding the classification by regions , Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the one where the number of identification of pets is the highest in 2019, with a total of 178,770. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is 2 nd (172,779) and Occitanie 3 rd (172,400).

Finally, Paco , Plume , Perle , Praline , Princesse and Pablo were the most popular dog names in 2019 . Year of the P , therefore, according to the alphabetical standard to be respected to comply with the French Book of Origins (LOF).

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Remember that the identification of domestic carnivorous animals is mandatory , whether they are dogs, cats or ferrets. It is essential to find your animal in the event of loss, impoundment or even accident.

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