Leo, that assistance dog trained by an inmate!

Since 2012 in the United States , a program has offered the opportunity to prison inmates to train dogs to become assistance doggies. For several weeks, these prisoners are entrusted with the task of educating and teaching many orders to their canine. Everyone is there, like Leo .

More and more prisons , French and international, are opening their doors to pets , especially dogs . The latter, by their intervention, help to calm the detainees. To make them less aggressive and more open . It is also a good way to reintegrate prisoners before their future release.

The inmate is given responsibility

Kévin now mainly intervenes in prisons. This was the case with the one in Western , Maryland , as reported by the Washington Post. This is where he learned to be a service dog . He owes his training to Herbert Wilson-Bey , an inmate who joined the program jointly run by America’s VertDogs and the Correctional Center.

This program was initiated in 2012. It offers inmates who wish to train dogs in exchange for a reduced sentence , or at least an adjustment. This falls within the framework of “restorative justice”.

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Better still, spending time with puppies or young dogs has proven therapeutic benefits. Herbert , on the other hand, spent almost 30 years of his life in prison. The training of Kévin was one of his first responsibilities which he was entrusted with. A form of return to life for more than three months. The opportunity to give veterans the benefit of a partner for the rest of their lives.


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