The dog found in a parking lot, starving and hypothermic, has gained 10 kilos!

The news about Ethan, the skeletal dog discovered in a Kentucky parking lot, is pretty good. The association that collected him and takes care of him recently published more than reassuring information and images on social networks.

On January 29, the Kentucky Human Society team , based in Louisville , Kentucky, discovered an extremely thin and weak dog in the parking lot of his shelter.

The 3-year-old animal was in such a bad condition that it was no longer able to stand on its legs . He didn’t even have the strength to lift his head anymore. Volunteers and vets wondered if he was going to be able to survive , but they took turns day and night to help him get there. They continue to do so.

While his chances of getting out of it seemed slim at first, the situation seems to have changed in recent days, thanks to the determination of these dedicated people and that of the dog himself.

Ethan is on the right track

As WLKY reports, indeed, Ethan is doing better and better . He has gained almost 10 kg since his rescue . He receives several meals a day which he gulps down with great appetite and, henceforth, without being helped .

This is what we can see in the video below, posted this Wednesday on the Kentucky Human Society Facebook page.

The association thanked all those who expressed their sympathy and provided support, adding that donations continued to flow.

Earlier, she had posted more footage showing Ethan enjoying a well-deserved rest on his comfy bed and surrounded by toys . We also learned that he had started walking again without assistance .

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