20 dogs who love to bask under their blankets

Some of our dog friends love to curl up in the blankets and sleep. This is what we can see in these photos.

Dogs are sometimes big babies. This can be seen in their way of getting on their owners’ knees, for example. But also the fact that they love to curl up in blankets, like little children.

Here are 20 photos of dogs bundled up in blankets.

1. This red blanket does not leave him throughout the winter

2. He takes up all the space he needs on the sofa and in his favorite blanket

3. You might think he’s playing hide and seek, but he’s just asleep

4. This Beagle refuses to get out of bed

5. His family has furnished him with a small fort covered with his favorite blanket.

6. Without forgetting the pillow, otherwise the nap would not be what it is

7. He tries to imitate his owners and they think he is doing it well

8. Another dog lying full length on the sofa, with blanket and pillow

9. All he needs is a steaming herbal tea and a series to watch.

10. Charitable souls have covered this dog living in the street so that he can sleep in the warmth

11. Twisted like a little baby

12. He just woke up and asks if breakfast is ready

13. The little girl and her friend the dog share the same bed

14. Sleeping in bed is a habit

15. These little Chihuahuas don’t know how to use pillows yet

16. To each his own cozy corner

17. The Beagles are decidedly very lazy

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18. This is how this dog uses his fetish blanket

19. We really need a warm blanket during winter evenings.

20. Dogs are really heavy sleepers.


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