Reunion between a family and their animals after a tornado hits their home!

An American family saw their home destroyed by a tornado. One of the many consequences of a winter storm in the United States . Worse, a cat and a dog had refused to leave the premises, while everyone was running to take shelter …

The southern and eastern United States have just been swept by a winter storm , which has caused numerous tornadoes . They killed 11 people and deprived hundreds of thousands of people of electricity , in addition to destroying their homes .

Unfortunately, this is what the Dunlap family experienced in January. This couple live in Logan County , Arkansas . Despite reports of a terrible tornado coming, calm was palpable outside their home. The calm before the storm !

The bitch laid down in the kitchen, refusing to move

A few minutes later, there was nothing, or too little, left of the house. Anyway, everything except the roof, which had flown away. Ona and Bruce were helpless. They had to spend the night waiting to be able to get to the scene the next day. And pray that nothing has happened to Dasha .

The community is getting organized

A moving reunion. They were just as beautiful with Coccinelle . The cat had also survived the tornado . She was shaking with cold , was wet, but very much alive. “ Ona took her in his arms and hugged her ,” says Julie .

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Of course, the Dunlaps have nothing left. They still have the love they show for each other, their animals, and the unwavering support of a community that has already organized to help them. No, the Dunlaps will not be alone in going through this particularly difficult start to 2020.


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