Having become an assistance dog, this dog loses all his calm when he finds his mistress!

It is the story of a sincere friendship born between a puppy and his breeder, trainer for assistance dogs. For two years, the young woman and the canine shared everything. The latter has become a real service dog. Before reaching his final home to accompany a war veteran, he could not avoid the surprise visit of his trainer, to his greatest happiness.

Ashley Wiltait that by caring for Elijah , she would have to leave him one day or another. And see him stand on his own feet . She certainly didn’t think it was that hard to say goodbye to him, and move on.

Ashley is a volunteer puppy breeder for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), an organization that trains service dogs . Two years ago, she welcomed Elijah , an 8 week old puppy , only. Its objective is simple: to make it calm in any situation , listening to people. A perfect dog who will help his owner in the future.

A 6-month training course in California to finish

Last February, Elijah had to leave Ashley to complete his training , during a six-month session in California . A heartbreaking and hard separation for the young woman, determined to see her little protégé again quickly.

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I was so happy to hold him in my arms again and tell him how proud I am of him. Seeing how it changes lives, the heartache is worth it . Because this reunion was short-lived. Elijah now brings happiness to Lance Weir , a war veteran . Love at first sight between him and Elijah is real. To the delight of Ashley , who does this job for this kind of outcome!


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