Stray dogs responsible for the death of a man, found in a ditch?

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In southwest Moscow , Russia , a man in his 50s has been found lifeless. In a ditch near the highway, his body was mutilated, as if devoured by dogs. Footprints of stray canines have also been found nearby.

Was he killed by stray dogs ? What happened in this ditch , near a highway in southwestern Moscow ? The investigation is only just starting, but the links between the discovery of the body of a Russian, without feet or hands , on February 10, and dogs appear probable.

The man was found lifeless, partly devoured by what appear to be canines. Obviously, the Sarajevo district, where the terrible find took place, is in shock , as REN TV reports. Our colleagues specify that several dog tracks have been spotted nearby.

Causes of death not yet known

The 50-year-old has not yet been identified , but his death, at the time of his discovery, was more than 5 days old. Investigators have also not yet been able to determine the causes of his death. Did he succumb to dog bites? Did they eat him afterwards?

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In any case, Vladimir Ourajevsky , president of the International Kennel Union , informed the population that in the event of an attack by a stray dog , it was advisable to grab any object in the hands in order to impress the canine. Better, it was advisable to spray perfume or deodorant in the direction of the dog in question, in order to repel it.

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