Ex-police dog shows heroism as he saves couple and their 2 children from a fire

Dogs are loyal companions, able to put their lives in danger to save humans. Some show remarkable devotion and courage, like Maxx, a retired police dog.

Maxx is a German Shepherd Dog who has been specially trained to help law enforcement search for drugs and explosives, locate missing people or find evidence at a crime scene. Endowed with incredible strength, endurance and intelligence, he is an excellent working dog. For several years, the canine has taken its mission very seriously.

Today, he is enjoying his well-deserved retirement with his loving family, originally from Longwood, Florida. But an unforeseen event disturbed the tranquility of the home.

© Seminole County Fire Department

Maxx is a hero to his family

A terrible fire broke out in the house, endangering the lives of the couple and their 2 children. A worried citizen alerted the emergency services. When Seminole County firefighters arrived, the home was in blaze. Margo Feaser , the mother, was the first to be saved. The latter ran frantically home to look for the other members of the family. Rescuers had to hold her back because the situation was getting worse, Animal Channel reports.

© Seminole County Fire Department

Fortunately, Maxx was still operational. He quickly sprang into action: he led the firefighters through the thick smoke towards the father and his children. Thanks to the courageous intervention of the German Shepherd, their lives were saved.

© Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

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The injured survivors were rushed to hospital, while Maxx was taken to a veterinary clinic. They have all been treated and are now doing well. The community praised Maxx’s heroic act, especially his family who are fortunate enough to have him in their life.


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