He travels 1,800 km with his dog who has become blind!

In the face of trial and adversity, there are two schools of thought: to retreat or to continue to advance. Kyle and his dog Katana have decided to face her blindness. They embarked on a new journey of two and a half months, and of more than 1,800 km. Like nothing ever happened. To enjoy, again and again, their adventurous life.

A challenge. An objective. A hike of nearly 1,800 km for Kyle Rohrig and Katana , his dog. A way to strengthen their links , to be in perfect harmony with nature. A priori, nothing scary for a duo who have already successfully traveled the Appalachians and their 3,000 km, or the 3,500 km of the Chemin des crêtes du Pacifique . However, one notable difference made this route more difficult to consider. Katana , an 8-year-old Shiba-Inu, had gone blind .

A journey not easy

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