Build a niche for his dog

Illustration : "Fabriquer une niche à son chien"

niche, you can make any shape. Most importantly, it provides a solid shelter to effectively protect your dog and make it comfortable. Niches are places where dogs rest, observe and protect.


select the tools and materials required for the correct materials and location step 1: build the floor step 2: front and rear step 3: sides and structures step 4: roof

Therefore, it must be waterproof, healthy (non-toxic), easy to clean and maintain. It is elevated, so it is isolated from cold and humid soil and promotes air circulation. On the size side of


, the niche should not be too large to prevent dogs from being too cold or too narrow in winter; Animals must be able to turn inside. For a larger dog, the ideal measurement range is 1 meter by 1 / 2 meter on the ground. As for the height, it corresponds to the height of the dog, plus about 10 cm.

selects the correct material and location.

the best material for building niches is still wood. Natural, insulated, soft, comfortable and protective. Using parquet floor blades is a good idea for making niches.

next, you must choose the best location for the niche: ideally, it will be placed in a cool, windproof place and not directly exposed to the sun.

requires tools and materials

In order to build your dog’s Kennel, you need some tools and materials.

receives suggestions from woopets through registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about tools: meters (rigid, ribbon, etc.), pencils, saws, squares, sawdust, screwdrivers, hammers. Materials: parquet floor blades, 32 x 32 wooden cups, 60 x 80 wooden rafters, milling head wood screws, asphalt tiles, 3.2 x 20 steel nails, linseed oil. Step 1: build

floor with skip saw and screwdriver:

Cut 3 autoclave rafters with a length equal to the groove depth. On the skydiving saw, always cut off the parquet floor blade you need. Their length corresponds to the width of the niche. Place the 3 rafters on the floor in parallel. Two of them are placed at the end of the wall and the third in the middle. Use a screwdriver to tighten the first parquet floor blade. It must be perpendicular to 3 rafters. Insert the next blade into the first blade and screw it onto the 3 rafters. Continue to cover the entire surface. Cut 4 wooden cups. Its length shall be consistent with the 4 sides of the floor. Screw these shrinking cups (corresponding to the thickness of the parquet floor) from the edge of the floor to the wood chip.

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step 2: cut 3 cups from the height of the niche on the front and back of each side. Cut the blade from the groove width. In the same way as in the previous step, place 2 outer cups on the edge of the wall. On both panels, draw a slash corresponding to the roof slope and cut with a jumper saw. Draw an opening in the front, cut it in half with a saw, and then cut the middle cup in half. Level the wall with a grinding wheel. Step 3: 2 sides and the structure of each side, cut 2 cups from the height of the groove. Cut the blade from the groove depth. The operation method is the same as that in the previous step, but this time will2 cups to one third of the wall length. Press 4 walls on the horizontal floor cup, then press the side on the vertical front and back cup, and tighten to the base. Step 4: for each part of the roof, cut 2 cups from the roof length and subtract 5cm from them. Then cut the blade from the roof height. Follow the instructions above to ensure that the two cups are placed horizontally and centered relative to the length of the roof. Cut out 4 cups whose length is consistent with the length of the edge of the vertical wall, and then screw them into the structure. Install the roof part and secure it by screwing wood chips into the cup of the vertical wall. Pave asphalt tiles and nail them on the roof to prevent water. Start at the bottom of the roof and move up so that the top row can cover the bottom row so that the water can slide. In order to effectively protect the wood from moisture, please smear it with linseed oil.

wish you good luck and all the best! Remember, this is for my dear friends…

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