A driver thinks he sees a big cat, but realizes that it is a puma!

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In the United Kingdom, reports of the presence of wild big cats in urban areas have increased in recent months, particularly in North Wales and the neighbouring English region. The most recent of these encounters was made by a truck driver, who thought he was dealing with a big cat.” Kdspe”

Last April, a truck driver named Dom was driving near the port of Ellesmere in the county of Cheshire (North West England), when he saw what he believed to be a large cat. It was, in fact, a puma, as reported by The Standard.”

The event is not trivial, knowing that the United Kingdom has only one species of native wild cat, the Scottish wildcat (or Highlands) in this case. A species that is also threatened with extinction. Dom’s meeting is all the more notable as it is the latest in a series of such reports recorded in recent months in the country.”

Scottish wildcat (Illustration)

Around 2 a.m., the truck driver was about to enter the M56 motorway when he saw the puma crossing the access ramp, behind the Costco store. The cat looked young, it was speckled brown in color, about the size of a fox, thin but with very large legs and a long bushy tail, he said. “Pumas probably abandoned or escaped after being raised illegally

A description he provided to Puma Watch North Wales, an organization listing wild cats reported in the area and reporting them on an interactive map.

Puma (Illustration)

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Previously, witnesses had said they had spotted them in Chester or Whitby Park, near Ellesmere Harbour. In December 2020, an Uber Eats delivery man on a bike reported the presence of a large puma-like cat in the Chester prairies. He then evoked an absolutely huge animal, like [he had] never seen one.”

On the side of Puma Watch North Wales, it is believed that these pumas may have escaped or been abandoned after being illegally detained by private individuals.”

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