In love, these dogs live a romance worthy of Romeo and Juliet in full period of confinement!

It was love at first sight between Ramona the dog and her fellow dog who came running towards the balcony on which she was. Their respective owners have arranged a first date, while waiting to be able to make them meet more often after the lifting of the restrictions due to the health crisis.

In Ecuador, one of the countries most severely affected by Covid-19 , the pandemic has claimed the lives of 6,200 people, for a total of more than 105,000 cases. The government decreed general containment in March, then decided to lift it in June. In this sad context, fortunately the more joyous anecdotes are held every day. The one in question here has something to bring back a smile, and it is reported by The Dodo .

A few months ago, while lockdown was still in effect in the country, a dog named Ramona was on the balcony with her family enjoying the cool evening air. The female Schnauzer was notably accompanied by Paula Saenz from Viteri and her sister Karla Cadena .

The dog then saw another dog in the street opposite. “ I saw Ramona get super horny ,” says Paul . I looked outside and saw his Romeo! He came to our residence, super excited too. It was like watching a soap opera ”. She filmed the scene and posted the video on Instagram.

It was clear that Ramona and her admirer instantly fell in love with each other, despite the distance. It turned out that the owner of the Jack Russell Terrier ran a carpentry shop nearby. Paula and Karla therefore decided to arrange a meeting the next day.

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The 2 canines were therefore able to see each other. Although they were a little shy at first, Ramona and her lover seemed very happy to meet . Their owners have vowed to allow them to spend more time together.


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